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The story of infoessentials
While practicing as a lawyer in the mid nineties the same two questions kept arising from lawyers:

  • What are the best Australian legal sites? and
  • Can I have a copy of your links page?

Access to the best sites fast is still the motivation behind this site.

No single site can do everything well. We don't try to be everything to everyone. What we do do is find the best sites linked in each category. We put in the time and expertise instead of you.

The site has expanded from a focus on legal sites to professional, useful and recreation sites for Australian professionals.

Site versions:

There have been several versions of what started out as, a useful collection of links in categories. This version of is the latest, it is free and is the most extensively tested for speed and usability.

Every link has been visited in rebuilding the site to ensure that it is still useful. Many new sites have also been added.

The structure of the site:
The site can be thought of as three main sections - professional, useful and recreation sections - with each section having categories, and each of those having subcategories.

The professional categories are legal, financial and medical.
Subcategories include for example:

The useful categories are travel, business, news and reference.
Subcategories include for example:

The recreation categories are infotech (information technology), timeout and sport. Subcategories include for example:

Every page has a menu up the top with the main categories and a link back to the home page.

There are also some parts of the site that may be useful (linked at the bottom of each page) such as the about us, what's new and feedback pages.

Can we submit sites for inclusion?
Yes, please use the feedback page. All sites get looked at but not every site gets linked, as some sites are not appropriate for us.

How do the site producers benefit from the site?
We get a small commission from advertising as an affiliate. All advertising on the site is clearly labelled.

Where do I go from here?
You may wish to explore the site, starting with
legal, or the Internet starting with the net tour.