About us

About us

infoessentials.com is designed so that Australian professionals get the most out of the internet. Quality, useful information, fast.

Of course it is free for all to use.

The site is created for Australian professionals by Peter Lunn.

2006- Jan 2007 site rebuild

We have rebuilt the site from the ground up with new technology (new web space and using an open source content management system).

We've also checked all of the links throughout the entire site in 2006 and January 2007 and have made sure that they link to quality, useful information (although we still can't vouch for material outside of our control). New links have been included using the same philosophy.

Logo designed by themacgeek.com , thanks to the mac geek for comments on site improvements. Thanks to everyone else for your comments. Of course all mistakes are the responsibility of infoessentials.com.


The aim of the site is:

  • to be a quick jumping off point, and
  • to allow access to quality free content.

It has a professional research focus which:

  • is easy to update, and
  • also provides useful and interesting general resources.

This site is designed to:

  • be fast loading (low on graphics),
  • have a logical layout, and
  • be up-to-date.

To use the site

At the top of every page are the main categories of content.

The home link has these and more detailed sub pages underneath these categories.

Clicking on the logo will also take you home.

Each page also has links at the bottom that you may find useful.


If a site is linked to this site, then the webmaster has decided that the site has good content and is worth visiting.

That's right. If the site is on here - we've looked at it and reviewed its usefulness.

We avoid old, useless, slow loading, low content sites but have an archive section available.

If a link does not work, or an area or site is not covered that you would like to see, please contact us using the feedback page at the bottom of the page.

We also welcome any suggestions, comments and wishlists through the feedback page.

See also the 30 second site tour and the more detailed site tour